A journey that began in an orange campervan

Our Story

Hi, from Laurie, Matt and all of us at Anorak. We’re a family run, sustainable lifestyle brand in Dulwich, South East London. Since 2009, we’ve been injecting colour and fun into family life with bold, contemporary prints. It’s been an amazing adventure and we can’t wait for you to learn all about it.

So why are we called Anorak? Because we’re obsessed with the great outdoors and equally passionate about bold and colourful print. You could say we’re nerdy, but nerdy about the good stuff. We love simplicity, but we also love detail. Little details that make big differences, from heat sealed seams that ensure our raincoats remain rain proof to sleeping bags that are wide enough at the bottom to avoid nighttime toe tangles.


We’re print Anoraks. Obsessed with simplicity, boldness and a love of colour. Drawing inspiration from icons of the great outdoors, Anorak prints are designed to inject a sense of style and playfulness into even the most ordinary of objects. Whether on the sofa, in the park or under the stars.

Planet Caring

The outdoors is great, and we’re working hard everyday to ensure we help keep it that way. Our bedding, towels and new loungewear are all sustainably sourced from super soft organic cotton. We’re removing plastic from our packaging and using biodegradable bags wherever we can.

Our catalogues are printed using FSC paper on carbon neutral print presses and we’re manufacturing products in the UK to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.  We’re also working with three British charities in the field of nature and the great outdoors. 

Our Sustainability Mission


Family has always been integral to us, ever since Laurie’s childhood campervan holidays that marked the beginning of our Anorak journey. Fast forward to the present, and Anorak is a now a thriving family business dedicated to offering you a product range that is accessible, sustainable, exciting and perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

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Life is busy enough already. With so much going on, so much to think about, we like to keep things really simple. 

Life is busy. With so much going on, we like to keep things really simple. 

Life is busy, so we like to keep things really simple.

We like to keep things really simple.

We keep things simple.

We keep it simple.